About Us

WFHomey is the brainchild of two work-from-home besties, who want to share our story and connect with you through authenticity and humor.

Just like you, we know that working from home has its own company culture: comfort. Dress code is your favorite loungewear or maybe yesterday’s tee snatched from the laundry basket. Your kids and pets are basically your coworkers. And saying no to makeup, daily shampoos, (and sometimes even pants) is just part of the job.

That’s why we created WFHomey, your destination for the coziest work-at-home gear. Each piece is hand-selected to bring joy and comfort to your day. So take a look around. You'll find a collection of tees, pj’s, slippers, and loungewear perfect for all your at-home endeavors.

While we strive to bring you lots of retail happiness, WFHomey is much more than a shop. It’s a growing community of people like you—people who tackle life with laughter, honesty, and optimism. You celebrate the humor that comes from the chaos of everyday life and embrace the imperfections of working from home. And we’re right there with you, learning and laughing as we go.

We’re so glad you’re here. We hope you discover something that brings a little more laughter and a whole lot more cozy to your days in the “office.”


Your WFHomey Friends